Functional water

More than water

The man is constantly pursuing information and ways to improve his life and make it more comfortable and fulfilled.

We know that improvement is always possible. Each person strives for their personal welfare, and precisely the boundaries of what is called the welfare of body, mind and spirit are constantly moving.

There is always a choice and we use it to make our own existence more successful, healthier and happier.  

The designers of the new redefined concept of welfare and healthy lifestyle have not omitted the fact that two thirds of our body is water. That has inspired them to merge the useful, the necessary and the beautiful in one, and to create water enriched with vitamins and functional enhancements that positively affects the human body.

Natural mineral water today does not fully satisfy the needs of people with highly developed awareness of their health, who seek more than refreshment.  

Therefore, following the European and world experience, the first functional waters have been launched in Macedonia, Dobra Voda activeDobra Voda wellness and Dobra Voda balance.

5 Main Reasons Why Dobra Voda active, Dobra Voda wellness and Dobra Voda balance Are More than Water

Richness of Minerals - Natural mineral water Dobra Voda participates in the composition of these products by 95%.

Functional Supplements - Beneficially impact your body, mind and health. Ginger with its calming effect relaxes, releasing the tension and favorably affecting the immune system, while Guarana and Ginseng, as natural sources of energy, give a feeling of freshness throughout the day, improving your mental and physical capacity. The natural aloe vera extract with its rich nutritional composition balances the digestive system and helps in strengthening the immune system.

Vitamins - By drinking 0.5 L per day, you take in 75 % of the recommended daily intake of vitamins from group B (niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, folic acid, biotin and vitamin B12), which positively affect concentration, stimulate circulation, reduce fatigue and prevent anxiety, depression and anemia.

Few Calories - thanks to the natural fruit sugar (fructose), Dobra Voda active, Dobra Voda wellness and Dobra Voda balance have a low energy value with only 18.2kcal/100ml (Dobra Voda active), and 18.4 kcal/100 ml (Dobra Voda wellness) and 16.1 kcal/100ml (Dobra Voda balance). Fructose is natural fruit sugar with three times lower glycemic index than regular sugar (sucrose), which means slower absorption of carbohydrates and smaller increase in blood sugar.  

No Preservatives - Dobra Voda active, Dobra Voda wellness and Dobra Voda balance contain no preservatives, which makes them extremely healthy for your body.

Dobra Voda active, Dobra Voda wellness and Dobra Voda balance are bottled in non-returnable PET bottles of 1.5 L, 0.5 L and 0. 33L.