Spring and factory

Spring and factory

Nature has given the village Vak'v, in the region of Kratovo, a spring with crystal clear mineral water which has an extremely high quality and satisfies all world standards. It is assumed that the inhabitants of this village in the region of Kratovo, enjoyed the benefits of this spring for centuries. 

Natural, pure and refreshing, the mineral water Dobra Voda is filled directly from the spring and thus, completely untouched by man is the right choice for you, anywhere and anytime. 

The spring named Topolovik is located in an ecologically clean environment, on the slopes of Osogovo Mountains and is part of one of the largest geothermal systems in the Republic of Macedonia - Zdravevci geothermal system, Kratovo. 

Dobra Voda is filled from a borehole of 503 meters and it comes out to the surface with a temperature of 52 °C. In spite of the impeccably clean environment, all necessary measures to prevent pollution and disruption of water quality have been additionally taken at the location. 

From spring to bottle, water passes through a closed system, protected from all external influences. At the very spring, the first stage of mechanical filtration of the natural mineral water is implemented using sophisticated automated mechanical filters.  

Pumping of the water from its spring to the factory in the village of Vak'v goes through a dumbfounded and protected polyethylene pipeline.

The second phase of mechanical filtration takes place at the bottling factory, which was fully modernized and automated in 2009.

Empty PET bottles are produced on an automated bottle-blowing machine, which meets all world standards for hygienic production of PET bottles.

The process of bottling Dobra Voda in PET and non-returnable glass bottles takes places in highly hygienic conditions and in accordance with the rules of good manufacturing practice, on a line with a capacity of 12,000 liters per hour.

Before each bottling, the line is washed and disinfected by a multilevel sanitation, using a closed automated washing system.

Packaged water is distributed in the sales and catering facilities using our own fleet. Strictly controlled conditions of transport are another important segment in striving to bring Dobra Voda unchanged to the consumer, as it is at the very spring.